FADER Mix: Jagwar Ma

April 23, 2013

Over their first two singles—the ’60s surf rocky "Come Save Me" and the impeccable Manchester baggy tune "The Throw"—Sydney duo Jagwar Ma have cast themselves a pretty wide net, though their sound is always connected by rugged stitches of psychedelia. Their FADER mix is similarly vast, opening with a Groundhog Day sample before winding back to the 1960s, up through West African guitar music and merging seamlessly into contemporary techno, perhaps doling out a few hints of their yet-to-be-announced debut album along the way. Download and read a quick interview with one half of the band, Jono Ma.

Download: Jagwar Ma's FADER Mix

How did you end up recording your album in France? Why did you choose there over home? A friend of mine had a place in France. He'd been living there for a few years and wanted to build a studio. I had gone over to visit him a few times and helped set it up We'd just finished the studio when I returned to Australia and started working on the Jagwar Ma record. I decided I wanted to go somewhere where Gab and I could focus solely on this project. Our hometown Sydney is full of distractions and Sydney's an expensive place to live as a musician. The French country meant we did nothing but make music and ate good food (cheaply). It also meant we were only a stones throw away from London, where people seemed to appreciate the music, and Berlin, where Ewan Pearson (who mixed the record) was. So it made a lot of sense.

Did you hear the Jai Paul leaked demos? You often take a collagey approach, so I feel like you'd like them. I'm not really into digesting leaked music. I believe in being presenting a musical work the way the artist wanted it. I would be horrified if our demos leaked, so out of respect for Jai's vision I'll wait for the official release and get back to you on that.

What kind of dancers are you? Tasteful Burlesque.

Had your recent tour mates The xx asked you to take them to see "the real Australia," where would you have gone?   We actually tried really really hard to get them down to some of our favourite beaches in our hometown Sydney… it didn't happen though.

What food do you like to cook and how do you make it? I think after making music, making food is my second favourite thing. I love a good Moroccan Tagine. In France, one of the ways we would prepare food was to throw the produce at the other person with a samurai sword and they would have to slice the veggies mid air. Makes for a clean cut.

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FADER Mix: Jagwar Ma