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May 14, 2013

Blank Realm's Go Easy didn't get too much play when Siltbreeze released it the first time around, but it's definitely worth a second listen for fans of that elusive halfway point between shambolic noodling and charmingly untethered songwriting. The eight tracks herein are more songs than not-songs, but they always sound like they're emerging out of an unwieldy minefield of pure sound (and, conversely, threatening to return there). This makes particularly well-honed and shapely moments—like the arching guitar line on "Cleaning Up My Mess," or the hints of full-on melodic vocal line on "Growing Inside You" and the title track—feel all the more exquisite. Go Easy is out today via Fire Records.

Stream: Blank Realm's Go Easy

May 20th - Minneapolis, MN - The Hexagon
May 21st - Milwaukee, WI - Quarters
May 24th - Chicago, IL - The Burlington*#
May 25th - Cincinnati, OH - Chameleons *#
May 26th - Columbus, OH - The Summit *
May 27th - Washington, DC - Black Cat *#
May 28th - Brooklyn, NY - Death By Audio *#
May 29th - Philadelphia, PA - Ortlieb's Lounge *#
May 30th - Austin, TX - Red 7 (Chaos in Tejas) w/ The Bats, Parquet Courts, Milk Music
June 1st - San Francisco, CA Hemlock Tavern w/ Hank IV
June 3rd - San Diego, CA - Che Cafe w/ Ceremony
June 7th - Seattle, WA - Cairo

* w/ Apache Dropout
# w/ Thee Tsunamis

Stream Blank Realm’s Go Easy Album