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Stream: Standish/Carlyon, “Nono/Yoyo (HTRK Remix)”

May 20, 2013

Though Deleted Scenes is only their first album under the Standish/Carlyon moniker, the Australian duo of ex-Devastations members Conrad Standish and Tom Carlyon has already proved masterfully adept at sluggish, sexy, subtly wonked vocal dance music. So are their equally soulful countrymen in HTRK, which would make this remix of album standout "Nono/Yoyo" feel like a match made in heaven if not for the knowledge that Standish is already married to the HTRK member with the same last name, Jonnine. Even more brooding and blue-colored than the original, HTRK's edit sends the vocals and lead synth hook underwater to reveal a trip-hoppy foundation of jazzy seventh chords and ghostly filtersweeps. Deleted Scenes is out now via Felte worldwide and via Chapter Music in Australia, and you can catch the group next week at one of the Brooklyn dates below.

Stream: Standish/Carlyon, "Nono/Yoyo (HTRK Remix)"

Thu. 05.30 Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands w/ The Field
Fri. 05.31 Brooklyn, NY @ Body Actualized w/ Golden Donna, Octo Octa, Profligate
Sat. 06.01 Brooklyn, NY @ Cameo Gallery
Sun. 06.02 Brooklyn, NY @ Secret Project Robot (Day Party) w/ Redaelli, Brad Truax (DJ)

Stream: Standish/Carlyon, “Nono/Yoyo (HTRK Remix)”