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Stream: Nate Young, “When Nothing Works”

May 23, 2013

Try to tap your foot to the elephant-stomp-like, reverberating bass note that kicks in about halfway through "When Nothing Works," and you'll get a sense of just how eager Wolf Eyes' member Nate Young is to mess with our sense of suspense (as it is understood as a musical quality, that is). As a rhythmic backbone, it's so mindbogglingly slow that you can imagine yourself drifting off sleep while trying to escape from the hypothetical horror movie villain lurking behind this assemblage of screeching and booming synth tones, even if the sounds themselves are so texturally and tonally considered that you'll want to be awake to hear the next one. Blinding Confusion is out June 25 via NNA Tapes.

Stream: Nate Young, "When Nothing Works"

Posted: May 23, 2013
Stream: Nate Young, “When Nothing Works”