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Stream SFV Acid’s debut LP, The Dwell

May 29, 2013

Of all the possible public places SFV Acid could have chosen to record his debut album, Starbucks somehow seems the most poignant. For one thing, it's got enough faux cosmopolitanism to appeal to the sort of suburban loner who sees character in even the most characterless places, and it's anonymous enough for people to just wander in and do whatever they feel like doing there—even a San Fernando Valley beatsmith looking to spread out across a few tables and record an album on analog gear. You can see Zane Reynolds in action in this "New American Noise" documentary, but more importantly, you can stream the fruits of his labor below, which, between the dude's painstakingly economical structures and subtle psychedelic tangents, is effortlessly enjoyable from start to finish. The Dwell is out this week via UNO NYC.

Stream: SFV Acid, The Dwell

Posted: May 29, 2013
Stream SFV Acid’s debut LP, The Dwell