Stream: Celestial Shore, “Stairs Under Stars”

June 12, 2013

Brooklyn's Celestial Shore makes proggy music with a comfortingly slacker-rock edge. The infinitely pattering drums on "Stairs Under Stars," the wide-eyed opener from the band's debut full-length, would feel almost mathy if they didn't also sound like they were struggling to keep up with themselves. That quality extends to the construction of the track as a whole, which, for all its melodic left-turns, feels more like it's fluttering breezily past your ear than than trying to prove something about its creators' technique. 10x, which features cover art by Prince Rama, is out September 3rd via Hometapes and Brad Oberhofer's new label, Local Singles Records. Local tourdates below.

Stream: Celestial Shore, "Stairs Under Stars"

06/18 New York, NY - Mercury Lounge - w/ Syd Arthur (UK)
07/04 Queens, NY - Rippers
07/05 Brooklyn, NY - Silent Barn - Gigawatts Festival
07/14 Brooklyn, NY - Manhattan Inn - w/ OneOne (Satomi from Deerhoof)
07/21 New York, NY - Pianos
09/06 Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands - w/ Delicate Stevea

Posted: June 12, 2013
Stream: Celestial Shore, “Stairs Under Stars”