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Orley Go All Mediterranean for Their New Knits

August 01, 2013

Designers Alex and Matthew Orley and Samantha Florence are doing something quite special with their line of knits Orley, bringing some of the ace Italian yarn-spinning technique that makes Milan the knitwear capital of cool (Missoni, Etro, need we say more) over to New York. So it makes beautiful sense that they'd take a Mediterranean color palate as inspiration for their new spring 2014 line—when in Rome! This season also marks the launch of a full ready to wear collection of cotton shirts, suits and jackets to mix in with their expertly-knit chunky sweaters and grandpa cardigans, but no matter the item, every single one in the bunch is something we could picture a cool classic dude in Milan wearing to sip espresso in. Aka, exactly the kind of clothes we want to be wearing.

For more on Orley, read our guide from last year on how they spin their singular sweaters.

Posted: August 01, 2013
Orley Go All Mediterranean for Their New Knits