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Stream The 1975’s Self-Titled Debut Album

August 30, 2013


Manchester's The 1975 are the latest kids to mine what seems like their country's greatest national resource when it comes to rock: youthful angst. "This album is the soundtrack to our formative years," says singer Matt Healy. "The culmination of our adolescence and the cornerstone of our material thus far. That's exactly what it is." He preens moodily through the album, out September 3rd in the States, and its success is in just how personal it all sounds. "All I know is that it's an uncompromising and honest depiction of who we are and what we're about, and I'm very proud that we've had the opportunity to make an album like that." Us too. Pre-order it here, or pick up vinyl and CD copies here.

Stream: The 1975, The 1975

Stream The 1975’s Self-Titled Debut Album