Stream: Shy Girls, “Still Not Falling”

Photographer Dru Donovan
September 12, 2013

Portland's Dan Vidmar aka Shy Girls has a voice, no small thing when your goal is to make soulful emotive R&B votives like "Still Not Falling." The song's simple, but the talent's high, and so there's real power in that simplicity: a staccato of percussion, a noodly guitar providing a bit of variation, and strongly-sung words making what feels like a direct and personal appeal for your affection. You could picture Justin Bieber wanting to sound like this on an album, maybe not as a first single but for one of the deep cuts meant to showcase what he can do when he really cares. Vidmar has been lending his own talents to Cyril Hahn and Supreme Cuts, but he's got an EP of his own out on October 29 called Timeshare for Hit City U.S.A. and ASL.

Stream: Shy Girls, "Still Not Falling"

Posted: September 12, 2013
Stream: Shy Girls, “Still Not Falling”