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Stream: Danny Brown, “Side A (Old)”

Stream Danny Brown’s “Side A (Old),” the opening track from his album Old.

Photographer Ross Mantle
September 17, 2013

Here's the opening track of Danny Brown's Old LP, out September 30th via Fools Gold. Produced by Paul White with a baleful set of horns, the track firmly situates the album's first half in the realm of low-voiced Linwood Danny, the depressive antihero of past dark cuts like "Scrap or Die," doomed and driving a shit-colored pickup. Hearing him overdub an AK's Doot-doot-doot-doot! should let you crack a grin, though, as well as the fact that, oh my god, new Danny album is so close. For some context, read our 2012 cover story, "Coming from Behind."

Stream: Danny Brown, "Side A (Old)"

Stream: Danny Brown, “Side A (Old)”