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Video: Oddience, “Paperboy”

September 18, 2013


Oddience is a five-man LA collective—rapper Eddington Again, singer Miche Maya (Again's sister), producer Tulip Pezley, plus muse Jimbo Stewart and video guy Pablo Balderas. In March, they released a loping, sun-dappled free EP, Slide. Today, they've released a new video for Slide track "Paperboy." It captures an enviable day in the Oddience "monkey business" life—beach yoga, cantaloupe and surfing, all brightened by Maya's superwoman delivery of her part in a public park. The night wraps with a taco—that epilogue is soundtracked by another Slide track, the crunchy "Astro Affleck."

Stream: Oddience, Slide

Video: Oddience, “Paperboy”