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Stream: Chris Forsyth, “Solar Motel”

September 23, 2013


Named after a run-down old lodge in New Jersey, Solar Motel is the full band project of American guitarist Chris Forsyth. Across numerous albums and collaborations with the likes of Loren Connors and Mountains' Koen Holtkamp, dude has spent the past decade funneling minimalist abstraction, post-American Primitive folk and well-tread rock & roll tropes into an idiosyncratic tunefulness all his own. He even studied with Television axe-grinder Richard Lloyd for a time, which I think may partly explain some of the tight, economical phrasing on "Solar Motel," layering together a series of repetitious note combinations until all that geometric simplicity suddenly tips over into something very wide-open and grand. Sadly, we've only got about five minutes of the 15-minute epic to stream, but it's the title track of Forsyth's new, four-part Solar Motel LP, which you can grab come October 29th via Paradise of Bachelors. Album trailer below.

Stream: Chris Forsyth, "Solar Motel"

Stream: Chris Forsyth, “Solar Motel”