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Stream Gent Mason’s Crescent Mix

London producer Gent Mason readies his forthcoming Aesop single, “Eden” / “Head,” with a 20-minute mix of original, unreleased material.

Photographer David Ashley
September 23, 2013


Gent Mason, the London producer with a two-track single out October 7th via Aesop—the label's second release following SOHN"s debut—has treated us with a 20-minute mix of original material, not so much a series of songs but a molten soup of a dozen vibes. Assuming these are works in progress, it's a fun glimpse into his process. I'd still love to see the growly bit at 7 minutes plucked into a full track, though, or maybe the nice and slow section 10 minutes in, or that chirpy bass at 16, and so on. "Eden" and "Head," which make up the Aesop release, are streaming below as well.

Stream: Gent Mason's Crescent Mix

Stream: Gent Mason, "Eden"

Stream: Gent Mason, "Head"

Stream Gent Mason’s Crescent Mix