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Ammerman Schlösberg’s Matrix-Inspired Spring Collection

Ammerman Schlösberg’s spring collection is one part The Matrix, one part Lolita

September 24, 2013

No one's quite making clothes like BFFs Elizabeth Ammerman and Eric Schlösberg, who turn their geeky obsessions with anime, cosplay and Sailor Moon into collections of amazingly weird clothes. For their second collection as Ammerman Schlösberg, they've brought back those little baby mini-sunglasses and shiny leather from The Matrix-era of American culture, mixed it in with a girly Lolita vibe, and out comes some It Girl from the future sent back in time to save the Limelight from turning into a mini-mall in post Bloomberg-New York. (via VFILES)

Posted: September 24, 2013
Ammerman Schlösberg’s Matrix-Inspired Spring Collection