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Stream: Migrations in Rust, “Two Shadows”

October 03, 2013


Migrations in Rust is the solo alias of New York musician Jesse Allen. He plays in atmospheric noise project Cowards, and hails from the same, defunct, Far Rockaways-based Red Light District scene that spawned the likes of Pharmakon and Yellow Tears. "Two Shadows," the title track from his upcoming solo LP, is an odd, murky agglomerate of snail-slow beats, pitched-down vocals, half-sunken melodies and aleatoric piano runs. It kind of sounds like it can't decide whether to be a wall-papery ambient track or a hip-hop-inspired slow jam, but somehow it's more startling and poignant for the ambiguity, which makes me think that Allen is being deliberate. Two Shadows is out October 29th via NNA Tapes.

Stream: Migrations in Rust, "Two Shadows"

Stream: Migrations in Rust, “Two Shadows”