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Stream: ERAAS, “Initiation”

October 07, 2013


If you've been in the mood to revisit the exquisite, blue-hour solipsism of Radiohead's alienated Y2K masterpiece Kid A these days—and I know have—than you might also find something to love in this track from Brooklyn-based duo of Robert Toher and Austin Stawiarz, formerly of the Connecticut post-rock band Apse. First, there's the beat—half machine, half handclap—and then there's the the vocals, which vibrate with the pressure of their own shored-up sadness until they erupt in a Thom Yorke-style howl in the latter part of the song. But truly, it's the expanding sheaths of synth that really bring back the pristine beauty of that early 2000s sound, establishing the song's melodic backbone as they shift over one another in seemingly haphazard fashion, like tectonic plates. "Initiation" is the title track of ERAAS' upcoming sophomore LP, which is out November 12th via Felte, and available for pre-order here.

Stream: ERAAS, "Initiation"

Stream: ERAAS, “Initiation”