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Stream Wymond Miles’ Sophomore Record, Cut Yourself Free

October 08, 2013


For a rock album to register as glam-rock, I think you need a certain combination of wistful moroseness and wide-eyed sincerity. It's less a particular sound than a self-aware, theatrical over-the-topness, like the musical equivalent of somebody who puts on tons of colorful, glittery eye-shadow every morning but is openly weary of doing so. Cut Yourself Free, the sophomore solo record of Fresh and Onlys guitarist Wymond Miles, runs the gamut from ecstatic post-punk to the creepy, British goth-folk of obscure singer-songwriters from the '80s like Paul Roland, but it's unified by the San Francisco musician's affinity for painstakingly crafted melodies and enveloping, wall-of-sound arrangements, not to mention a lot of very enjoyable, literal and metaphorical sighs. Stream Cut Yourself Free below, and grab a copy via Sacred Bones on October 15th.

Stream: Wymond Miles, Cut Yourself Free

Stream Wymond Miles’ Sophomore Record, Cut Yourself Free