Lokiboi, “It’s Party Time” MP3

Download a bouncy new track from the Moscow-born and London-based producer.

October 09, 2013


Love whenever Lokiboi checks in. The Moscow-born and London-based producer sent over this track recently, a fun six-minute romp. There a few different breaks that recur throughout the song, and I like imagining that the "party time" Lokiboi refers to in the title is the party time of him auditioning different drum samples. Picture it, like: Lokiboi loads Ableton. He lays down some piano. Light from a passing car bounces off his reddening eye and he lowers the blinds, creaks again into the office chair repurposed from some shuttered medical practice around the block. The clock reads six—is it AM or PM? He can't remember what day it is. Lokiboi opens a folder labeled "drums" and scrolls through, hungrily. "It's party time," he tells himself.

Download: Lokiboi, "It's Party Time"

Lokiboi, “It’s Party Time” MP3