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Stream: Josef Salvat, “Every Night”

October 28, 2013


On "Hustler," one of two introductory singles he released earlier this year, London singer-songwriter Josef Salvat sings about having the heart of a hustler, with a hustler's pain. He's singing about his love life, of course, but his words also feel like a pretty good metaphor for his singing style, which toes the line between mournful soul-bearing and an entertainer's sleight-of-hand and in a manner that just feels somewhat precocious for an artist who just started releasing music. Just listen to this new missive, "Every Night," and marvel at the ease which which he slips between the falsetto high notes of the chorus and the deep baritone hits of the verse. There's a self-aware, "watch what I can do" magic to it, even when he's letting it all hang out. "Every Night" is one of two tracks he's releasing as a double-single on Fingers and Thumbs, out December 9th.

Stream: Josef Salvat, "Every Night"

Stream: Josef Salvat, “Every Night”