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Open Source Your Own T-shirt with DIS and to.be

Customize a $40 T-shirt online with the help from internet futurists DIS and to.be

October 29, 2013

to.be is a new online platform that lets you collage images, videos and sounds, make stencils, spray-paint them and do a hell of a lot of other creative stuff—sort of like a radical interactive Pinterest with a slightly unhinged cyborg aesthetic. Ever the early adopters, fashion and art portal DIS has teamed up with them to bring to.be to life: this week, on a special DIS microsite, you can make new works using a collection of curated images, graft them onto a T-shirt and then order them for only $40. Above is just one example, but there are eight different pre-collaged designs on the site, all customizable by you the user. Head over to to.be to get started.

Posted: October 29, 2013
Open Source Your Own T-shirt with DIS and to.be