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Stream BENAMIN’S Beats and Thangs EP

Hear the funky, R&B-bending producer’s debut project.

October 29, 2013


Beats and Thangs is the debut EP from New York producer Benamin, recommended if you like Aquemini funk. Benamin explains the project this way: "At the beginning of the year 2013, I stumbled upon a spark of determination, ignited by a wise friend, to once and for all release something new, after years of making music in a hole. In the midst of an online plethora of beat tapes, I listened to my brain and took the extra step to make something that stands out." He recruited a lot of vocalists to bring these songs to life; previous collaborator Fresh Daily appears, along with 10ille and Om'Mas Keith, who produced a bunch of songs for Frank Ocean's Channel Orange.

Stream: BENAMIN, Beats and Thangs

Stream BENAMIN’S Beats and Thangs EP