Banksy’s New York

Love it, hate it or flip it for you own gain, a look back at the British artist’s self-instated NYC residency. Plus, a playlist of music from the neighborhoods he hit.

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November 01, 2013
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    British street artist Banksy's self-instated, seemingly never-ending NYC residency has finally come to a close: on Thursday, near the Long Island Expressway, he tied up silver balloons that spelled out his name, posted photos to his website and captioned them, "And that's it. Thanks for your patience… Bye." Hate it, as Jerry Saltz so viscerally did, or love it—or, like a true New Yorker, flip it for your own gain, as Housing Works and these East New York entrepreneurs did. Part of Banksy's deal was showcasing parts of NYC that don't get much attention, to tie them together as one big city, and in that vein we've put together a playlist of new artists working in the same neighborhoods as his pieces—French Montana from South Bronx, Ducktails from Greenpoint, Parquet Courts from Queens, and so on. (Okay, we kept Wu-Tang for Staten Island, because who could take that away from them.)

    Posted: November 01, 2013
    Banksy’s New York