Stream Hubble’s Hubble Eagle Album

November 05, 2013


For music that can feel like the aural equivalent of looking through the lens of an interstellar telescope, Ben Greenberg's Hubble project is premised on some unusually narrow parameters. In pretty much every song I've heard from the project, the Brooklyn guitarist and Men member takes a short, rapidfire note pattern and repeats it over and over again. Sometimes he passes it through delay effects that increase the number of repetitions that we hear, sometimes he swerves into minor variations on the pattern itself, but mostly he just dazzles us with how swirling and expansive you can get with that smallest of musical building blocks: the melody line.

Hubble Eagle, his latest release, ties together three iterations of the basic Hubble approach, opening with the rain-like acoustic pings of the side-long "A Star or Two Beside" and closing out with a raga-like, plugged in title track. Sandwiched between them is perhaps the most "experimental" cut on the album, for Hubble at least. It's a cover of the Kinks' "A Long Way From Home," featuring vocals from Greenberg himself and a succession of tremolo-ing riffs that literally feel like they're blasting open the melodic foundation of the song. Hubble Eagle is out today via NNA Tapes, and you can stream it in full below.

Stream: Hubble, Hubble Eagle

Stream Hubble’s Hubble Eagle Album