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Stream: Sega Bodega, “Security”

Glasgow producer takes on T2’s “Heartbroken” for his new Song Dynasty EP.

November 08, 2013


As Glasgow's Sega Bodega readies his new Song Dynasty EP, out next month, he's sent along "Security," one of its four tracks. "Security" pulls vocals wholesale from T2's classic "Hearbroken," updating to a more complex style of production without losing the song's garage roots. Personally, I prefer the quieter moments to the amped-up chorus—there's a real delicacy to the piano and strings in the run from 30 seconds to one minute that, to me, seems even more confident than when Bodega's synths are shouting. An inspired take in any case.

Stream: Sega Bodega, "Security"

Stream: Sega Bodega, “Security”