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Stream: Drake, “Worst Behavior (Eric Dingus Remix)”

18-year-old, Austin-based producer sends Drake to Death Mountain Crater.

November 18, 2013

Last night, OVO tipped their owly head to this wild "Worst Behavior" remix by Eric Dingus, an 18-year-old, Austin-based producer and co-founder of the label Dream Sequence. It's a good partner to suicideyear's recent take on Future's "Honest"—if that one sounded like Zelda's water temple, maybe "Worst" is Drake rapping while brashly dangling off the edge of Death Mountain Crater. Loving this. Put up a download though!

Stream: Drake, "Worst Behavior (Eric Dingus Remix)"

Stream: Drake, “Worst Behavior (Eric Dingus Remix)”