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Download FatKidsBrotha’s Eastside Paradise II Mixtape

November 19, 2013

FatKidsBrotha, the duo of brothers Light Skin Mac 11 and Dav.E who comprise two fifths of Atlanta collective Two-9, have released a new tape, Eastside Paradise II. (It follows their 2011 Eastside Paradise. It focuses more heavily than its predecessor on singing, featuring vocals from Mariam Mereba, Bosco and Miloh Smith, and was entirely produced by Two-9's Snubnose Frankenstein (who also raps and sings here briefly). Via email, the brothers had this to say about the project:

We want everyone who hears this project to know paradise is exactly what you make it. We came up in some of the worst neighborhoods in Detroit and Atlanta but that never clouded our imagination, nor did it destroy our youth. Eastside of Detroit to the Eastside of Atlanta, we painted the picture of our paradise good and bad...We basically reminisce about things we may have seen or been involved in growing up. We both have separate dads, both were murdered in Detroit trying to give our family a better life. Our mother survived the fuckery by moving to Atlanta.

Download: FatKidsBrotha. Eastside Paradise II

Download FatKidsBrotha’s Eastside Paradise II Mixtape