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Stream: Annabelle’s Garden, “Vorwarts”

Listen to “Vorwarts,” a track from Dais’ upcoming double-album retrospective of German goth/folk group Annabelle’s Garden, Time’s No Measure (1987-1993).

November 22, 2013

Active between the years 1987 and 1997, Annabelle's Garden was a Hamburg-based goth/folk collective bringing together members of La Lisa and Beyond Despair. They put on large, outdoor performances that incorporated objects like cages and rain barrels, toured with 6Comm and left behind the kind of scant discography that tends to automatically makes record collectors salivate. Now, Dais is issuing a double-LP retrospective of the cult group's work, bringing together some of their earliest recordings along with the entire contents of their 1993 Wo Sind Nur Eure Götter Hin? album, originally issued on Kenaz, the label of Patrick Leagas from 6Comm and Death in June. Listen to the woozy-sounding, revolution-minded anthem "Vorwarts" below, and look for Time's No Measure (1987-1993) on December 10th.

Stream: Annabelle's Garden, "Vorwarts"

Stream: Annabelle’s Garden, “Vorwarts”