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Stream: Beyoncé, “God Made You Beautiful”

November 22, 2013

Update, 11/25/2013: Via Billboard, hear a full version of "God Made You Beautiful" above.


Nearly two years after Jay Z gave us "Glory," Beyonce has followed up with her own ode to Blue Ivy. In typical Beyonce fashion, it's a modest affair. Just kidding: it's totally over-the-top and adoring, with a backing choir to help Bey sing the God made you beautiful refrain, and all. When you were born, the angels sighed with delight, it begins. Which is funny, because-- us, too!

"God Made You Beautiful" is a part of the Life Is But A Dream DVD package, which is out November 25th. And hopefully we can look forward to more from Queen B in the coming weeks, as she's been spotting filming not one, but two videos that have yet to see release, plus Irv Gotti's been talking up a possible Jay/Bey collab that he says will "fuck the world up." Ready when you are, Bey.

Posted: November 22, 2013
Stream: Beyoncé, “God Made You Beautiful”