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The Guys, “Still Wanna Kill Sam” MP3

December 03, 2013


The Guys are one of my favorite groups in Chicago right now. Though they've only got a handful of tracks out, it's difficult to pin their sound down. Today, the duo (Fya Starta and Smelly P) follow up instant bop classic "Flee" and the simultaneously ethereal and hilarious "Taxes," with "Still Wanna Kill Sam," an out-of-the-blue revision of Ice Cube's 1991 "I Wanna Kill Sam." (If there are still doubts that young Chicago rappers can be lyrical, this week— with Lil Bibby's exceptional Free Crack tape and The Guys' foray into political rappin-ass rapping—proves those doubts to be unfounded.) I literally can't fathom what they'll do next.

Download: The Guys, "Still Wanna Kill Sam" (Prod. by Fyastartabeats)

The Guys, “Still Wanna Kill Sam” MP3