Download Piff Gang’s Pizzy Mixtape

Grab the London collective’s fifth mixtape, a plot to unify Britain and California on the power of weed.

Photographer Lawrence Watson
December 05, 2013


I first heard about London's Piff Gang last year and, truth be told, figured their name for a joke, and their staying power's chances slim. Thankfully, I was wrong. They rap about weed about as much as you'd expect—the first sound on this mixtape, their fifth, is a cough—but they've proven to be far from a gimmick, with well-defined voices and consistently compelling beats hitting from all angles, production intrinsically British on "Smokin" and classically West Coast on "Fuck Shit Up" and "G.A.M.E." Download the whole tape for free—click in anywhere and you can't really go wrong. Solo mixtapes from the group's members—Phaze What, Don Silk, Skits, Super Dertie, Young Skout and Nick Bam—are said to be coming in 2014.

Download: Piff Gang's Pizzy Mixtape

Download Piff Gang’s Pizzy Mixtape