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Video: Niia, “Generation Blue”

New York’s Niia continues her collaboration with Rhye/Quadron’s Robin Hannibal, who has produced an entire album for her, coming in 2014.

December 10, 2013


New York's Niia, the former jazz singer whose memorable "Made for You" video we also premiered earlier this year, continues her work with Rhye/Quadron's Robin Hannibal on "Generation Blue," off a forthcoming album that Hannibal entirely produced, due next year. There's a seriousness to the black-and-white, literally slow burning video, and to the slow strings, but a sly cheeriness to the music too, with the snippety vocal ipps and a noodling, pitch-bending guitar that pops in every once in a while, creating an effect like you're catching a wink through a glum crowd. The track and its instrumental are out now on iTunes.

Video: Niia, “Generation Blue”