R.I.P. The Child of Lov

December 13, 2013

UPDATE 12/13/13: The Child of Lov's manager, Trey Reames, has released a statement to the NME regarding the singer's untimely death: "On behalf of the family and as his manager I must announce that Martijn Teerlinck, aka Cole Williams, aka The Child of Lov, aka Sun Patzer, is no longer with us. He lived a life of struggle and can now rest peacefully. In his own words: 'When I was younger, I had a tough time physically. I have seen too many hospital beds. It made me stronger. Makes you realize death is always near, for anyone. And what a wonderful thing life is and how grateful we should be.'"

— — —

Today, NME reported the sad news that Martijn William Zimri Teerlinck, the Belgian soul singer who recorded and performed under the name The Child of Lov, has passed away. The specifics surrounding his death are as-yet unknown, but he departed from this plane on December 10th, due to complications from a surgery. He was 26 years old, and leaves behind an self-titled album full of ebullient, vintage soul (released this summer on Domino imprint Double Six), along with this beautifully halting, wee-hours slow jam:

R.I.P. The Child of Lov