Download Drake Shake, The Best App Ever

Add Drake to any photo with the only (free!) app you’ll need before New Year’s. Also: is Drake dating Zoë Kravitz?

December 19, 2013

Last week, three-man creative agency OKFocus, which is profiled in our current issue, launched Drake Shake, a free app that lets you add silhouetted Drakes to any photo. You can rotate Drake to help him fit into any scene. Currently the app is about iTunes' 900th most popular overall—for context, it's in the top 100 photo apps, and more popular than doomed social network Path.

Drake is in on the joke; last night, he posted his own #drakeshake photo, imposing himself onto a picture of himself and rumored hook-up Zoë Kravitz. (Those two have been friends for awhile; back in 2011, Drake told FADER TV: "Zoë Kravitz is like one of my favorite people in the world.”)

The app keeps with OKFocus' strategy to grab attention from big clients—like Nike and Bruno Mars—with useful projects that have a troll-y attitude, like Newmoticons, an emoticon-generating site and app, a #BEEN TRILL# soundboard and seapunk name generator.

Watch Drake talk about Zoë Kravitz and Take Care in 2011:

Download Drake Shake, The Best App Ever