Stream Oddience’s Um, Yes You Can LP

Take your time with the motley, tie-dyed debut LP from LA rap/singer/producer trio Oddience.

Photographer Brantley Gutierrez
December 19, 2013


Oddience is the LA trio of rapper Eddington Again, singer Miche Maya and producer Tulip Pezley. Um, Yes You Can is their psychedelic debut LP, a kaleidoscope of reggae and neo-soul-inflected singing, mic feedback, morning beers and jewel colors. "We're all happy as hell to have finally completed our first LP. It's a trip, take your time and enjoy it," Agon writes via email. This is definitely a sit-on-the-carpet and spark a vaporizer listen—but if you're at your desk now, start with languid centerpiece jam "Easy."

Stream: Oddience, Um, Yes You Can


1. Killer Care Bear
2. Goldblum
3. Baby It's Good
4. Pre Noon 24oz Tall Can
5. Johnny's world
6. Easy
7. Nitro
8. I'm Walkin' Out
9. Simple Bitch
10. Smile 2

Stream Oddience’s Um, Yes You Can LP