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Peewee Longway, “Cost To Be Me” MP3

Atlanta’s Peewee Longway gears up for a breakout year with the YDG-produced “Cost To Be Me.”

January 06, 2014

Atlanta's Peewee Longway, whose Running Around The Lobby tape didn't receive half the attention it deserved in 2013, gears up for what should be a breakout year with his latest, "Cost To Be Me." Over frequent collaborator YDG's emotional piano beat, Longway crows about chicken-shrimp pasta and hashtags of his name. His delivery evokes shades of Rich Homie Quan's braggadocio-cloaked pain and Young Thug's impulsiveness, but Longway's calling card—aside from his off the charts music video charisma—is that he may just be the best rapper, technically speaking, of all of his young Atlanta peers, breezy and effortless and dexterous. Find more exclusives from Longway and associates on December's excellent Lobby Runners tape.

Download: Peewee Longway, "Cost To Be Me"

Peewee Longway, “Cost To Be Me” MP3