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Stream Jay R Neutron’s Ballroom BEYONCÉ Megamix

Jay R Neutron madeover the entire BEYONCÉ album with vogue and ballroom beats.

January 06, 2014

If you've already listened to BEYONCÉ 48,973 times just in 2014, you could add some variation to the rotation by playing Baltimore producer Jay R Neutron’s new megamix, a track for track vogue and ballroom overhaul of the entire record. Via Jawnita, you will definitely get some new bedroom choreography possibilities out of this—dude was so painstaking that he even threw in a bonus track re-do of her H&M theme song "Standing On The Sun"! It's true Bey love.

Stream Jay R Neutron's Ballroom BEYONCÉ Megamix

Stream Jay R Neutron’s Ballroom BEYONCÉ Megamix