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Download David Cash’s Escape Mixtape

Download David Cash’s “Escape: Young California Edition,” a mixtape of smoothed-out slaps with help from Cardo and DJ Mustard.

January 07, 2014

David Cash is a California native, out to show there's more to Venice Beach than elderly rollerbladers and airbrushed Bob Marley portraits. He kicked off the year with a new mixtape, Escape: Young California Edition. The bulk of its production is handled by Cardo, whose DJ Quik-indebted signature was most memorably applied to Wiz Khalifa's 2011 tape Kush and Orange Juice. Blending Cardo's smooth beats with Cash's gently snapping delivery makes for a tape that sounds like G-funk sucked through a gravity bong. The standout track here, though, is DJ Mustard-produced "Bumper," where Cash whispers over Mustard's super bass. E-40, Problem, YG, Alley Boy, Nipsey Hussle and Clams Casino also make appearances.

Download: David Cash, Escape

Download David Cash’s Escape Mixtape