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VFILES Stocks Up on Vintage Walter Van Beirendonck

The cyber-designer Walter Van Beirendonck is back at VFILES.

January 13, 2014

Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck is forever important in our books for his latex-androgynous-fetish gear, shows unlike any other's and sexually liberated point of view, but it seems like in the past couple of years his relevance on mainstream fashion is at an all-time high. The '90s are back, which you know already from every fashion magazine on planet earth, but more subtle is how Van Beirendonck's rave-y looks and post-modern digital designs have cropped up on more than a few moodboards in art and fashion. Trend-beast VFILES is up on it: they've got a whole slew of vintage '90s WvB, generally pretty hard to find, in stores right now, and if they can do to Walter what they've done to Hood By Air, expect every fuccboi in New York to be wearing neon pants and one-sleeve shirts come spring. Head over to their online store to shop.

For more on Walter Van Beirendonck, revisit our feature-length 2012 interview with the designer.

VFILES Stocks Up on Vintage Walter Van Beirendonck