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Just Blaze & Sinjin Hawke, “One” MP3

Just Blaze and Sinjin Hawke form an unlikely match made in heaven on collaborative track “One.”

January 15, 2014

Just Blaze joins forces with rising Montreal producer Sinjin Hawke for a collaborative track that doesn't quite click on paper, but immediately makes perfect sense in practice. "One" finds the sweet spot between Hawke's post-Rustie synth melodrama and Blaze's own stuttering, brassy cinematics; one can almost imagine a rejuvenated Dipset reuniting over it for something akin to "I Really Mean It"'s weirdo little cousin. The track, courtesy of FACT, was recorded at 2013's Red Bull Music Academy in New York.

Download: Just Blaze & Sinjin Hawke, "One"

Just Blaze & Sinjin Hawke, “One” MP3