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Stream: LeekeLeek, “Fuck Love”

Chicago producer/rapper Leekeleek, one of the originators of the bop sound, releases a bitter ballad, “Fuck Love,”

January 23, 2014

Chicago producer Leekeleek's chipmunk-ed It's a LeekeLeek banga! drop should be permanently ingrained in your subconscious by now. Still lesser known, though, is that the producer doubles as an absurdly prolific rapper/singer; he released four tapes of solo work in 2013 alone (February's Still Greedy and August's Bleed Greedy were the best two). His latest self-produced solo release, "Fuck Love," is a ballad that's far more bitter than its soft, bop vibes imply, with a narrative about a girl who gets screwed over in love.

Stream: LeekeLeek, "Fuck Love"

Stream: LeekeLeek, “Fuck Love”