Stream Woodsman’s Self-Titled LP

Listen to the self-titled, third LP from Brooklyn-via-Cleveland psych rock band Woodsman.

January 27, 2014


Brooklyn-via-Colorado three-piece Woodsman isn't the kind of rock band that hires a publicist. Unlike most of the groups that have endured since the social media explosion of 2009/2010, they persist in self-releasing and self-promoting their own work (via guitarist Trevor Peterson's own Fire Talk Records), and they seem perfectly content to get the word out about their music in the old fashioned way: night after night, North American tour after North American tour, playing the kinds of basement spaces where the payout just covers your food and gas for the next day but where you attract the sort of true-blue fans who will always offer you a spot to crash for the night. Their sound—which is krauty and full of untethered jamming—hasn't changed all that much over the years either; it's just gotten deeper and more refined, grounded in that eternal, invariably highway friendly motorik pulse while also encompassing all the colorful artifacts that flit across your peripheral vision as you drive. Woodsman's third, self-titled LP is out February 4th. Pre-order a copy via Fire Talk, and stream it below.

Stream: Woodsman, Woodsman LP

Stream Woodsman’s Self-Titled LP