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Bowling Shirts and ‘50s Workwear for Rag & Bone

See the fall/winter 2014 menswear collection by rag & bone.

January 29, 2014

After a season away in London, Rag & Bone returned to New York to present their Fall/Winter 2014 Collection and stayed true to their roots with effortless, adaptable menswear. In comparison to recent collections, Rag & Bone switched it up by sending their military man “off-duty” dressed in bowling-league styled shirts, cropped and pleated pants and sturdy staples, combining British tailoring with a down-to-earth ‘50s Americana flare. Deep neutrals and classic silhouettes kept the collection understated yet undeniably appealing—even women couldn't resist wearing the menswear down the runway in style. Check out the Rag & Bone Fall 2014 below.

Posted: January 29, 2014
Bowling Shirts and ‘50s Workwear for Rag & Bone