Stream: Hiro Kone, “Motion of Silence”

Stream a song from The Unmoved Mover, the Group Tightener debut from New York recording artist Hiro Kone.

January 29, 2014


In an interview with The Creator's Project, the recently Gen F-profiled singer/producer Mas Ysa told a reporter that he left Williamsburg partly because Zebulon closed. Tom Arsenault played some of his first shows at that beloved café-bar and performing arts space; it was the de facto living room for a certain sector of the city's psychedelic and experimental electronic music scene during its time here, and I can't really think of that spot without thinking of Nicky Mao. She used to work behind the bar there, and she also played in some of the psych-rock bands that first got me excited about fringe music in this city, like Effi Briest and Up Died Sound. As it turns out, Mao is also a prolific solo recording artist, harnessing a background in classical music toward enveloping electro-pop tracks that sound like they're congealing and denaturing at the same time. "Motion of Silence" is a song from The Unmoved Mover, her second EP under the moniker Hiro Kone; it was co-produced and mixed by former Gang Gang Dance member (and Zebulon regular) Tim Dewit, and it's out March 25th via Group Tightener.

Stream: Hiro Kone, "Motion of Silence"

Stream: Hiro Kone, “Motion of Silence”