Clare Maguire, “In the Night” MP3

Premiere: London singer/songwriter Clare Maguire is giving away a nine-track mixtape of her self-titled EP, SoundCloud tracks plus two brand new ones.

January 30, 2014


Clare Maguire, the black-coffee-voiced London singer/songwriter profiled in FADER this fall, recently released her first EP in a few years, a stripped-down, self-titled gem—but it only came out in the UK. Very soon, I'm told, she'll generously offer up a free download of the project, making up for the extra wait with downloads of all of her SoundCloud tracks plus two brand new songs. "In the Night" is one of them, a warm-blooded, more optimistic turn than some of the tear-spillers on the Clare Maguire Mixtape, as it's being called, more about lighting candles for a date than to burn an effigy. The song was produced by Blue May (previously Blood Orange, Kindness and more).

Download: Clare Maguire, "In the Night"

Clare Maguire EP Tracklist:
1. Whenever You Want It
2. Paper Thin
3. Black Coffee
4. Last Time I Saw Richard
5. Half Hearted Love
6. Changing Faces
7. Slightly Sober
8. Lilac Wine
9. In The Night

Clare Maguire, “In the Night” MP3