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Stream Kitty Cash’s Woozy Mix For SSense

A flawless TGIF R&B mix from DJ Kitty Cash.

January 31, 2014

Chances are, you've already starting powering down from your workweek, even if you've got another hour or two left to go. Either way, spend right now letting Kitty Cash's woozy mix for SSense ease you into a cozy weekend of sweatpants, buffalo wings and couch chilling. The half-hour set features a mix of R&B stalwarts like Sade and Tamia, newcomers like Tinashe, 808s & Heartbreak-era Kanye, and ends off with a screwed-down version of Beyonce's "Blow", the proverbial watermelon, err, cherry on top.

Stream: Kitty Cash's SSense Mix

Stream Kitty Cash’s Woozy Mix For SSense