Stream: Boogie, “Bitter Raps”

A refreshingly self-aware critique of machismo from sharp LA rapper, Boogie.

Photographer Jack Wagner
February 03, 2014


Boogie is a single dad based in Long Beach who's been rapping for just a year; sharp and sarcastic, think of him as Chance The Rapper's older West Coast cousin. This spring, he'll release a debut tape called Thirst 48. First single "Bitter Raps" rattles off reservations about "macho" dudes and the women their egos push them to impress. If it's a little pedantic, it's also endearingly self-aware: I guess I'm on the same thing, I'm probably on the same thing concedes Boogie, amidst the critique. Listen below then watch the video for the only other song dude's got out, "Numb."

Stream: Boogie, "Bitter Raps" (Prod. by DK the Punisher)

Stream: Boogie, “Bitter Raps”