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Video: Plastic Mermaids, “Polaroids”

Premiere: More people need to hear this lovely track. Michel Gondry-like music video created by the band. Debut EP, Drømtorp, comes out March 31 via Cross Keys.

February 03, 2014


I loved this track when I first heard it last month, and I love it now. The music video's an odd one, shot and directed by the Isle of Wight five-piece themselves, cutting surreal, Gondry-like stop-motion animation with jarring live shots of people surfing upside down, seemingly risking drowning, or riding with keyboards and drums strapped to their boards. Truly I do not know. But more people should be into it. Plastic Mermaids' debut EP, Drømtorp, comes on March 31st via Cross Keys.

Video: Plastic Mermaids, “Polaroids”