Video: Sun Araw, “Huff”

Watch a video for “Huff,” the first single off of Sun Araw’s upcoming seventh LP, B E L O M A N C I E.

February 03, 2014


Somewhere between scouting fresh young vocal talent in Jamaica and releasing collaborative, "outer orbit dancehall selections" via his Stones Throw production imprint, Duppy Gun, Cameron Stallones managed to record his seventh LP as Sun Araw, B E L O M A N C I E. The record is out February 18th via another imprint of his (the Drag City-affiliated Sun Ark), and Stallones is describing it as "a series of corridors that lead to specific chambers." He also made this strikingly un-music-video-like, "formalist digital film experiment" to accompany the bass-heavy, lurching first single, "Huff." Below, he explains what he was going for:

The only idea I had for a video for "HUFF," which is a song that has to do with certain types of "WORK," was the idea of a system that began again and again and again until the beginning was as much the middle or the end as it was the beginning. I also was eager to prominently feature the strange mechanical zoom on this cheap digital camera I have. The result was something that has a pretty powerful physical effect on you if you look at it long enough with attention, and that was also exciting. There's a Gertrude Stein quote that my friend showed me that says "Continuous present is one thing and beginning again and again is another thing. These are both things. And then there is using everything." She's talking about writing and this is a video but I know what she means, which to me has to do with two separate things but also the relationship they have, which is a third thing that's sort of somewhere else.

Video: Sun Araw, “Huff”