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Video: Little Dragon in the Studio

Watch a Yours Truly-produced mini-doc on Little Dragon, and hear a bit of “Klapp Klapp,” the first single from their upcoming fourth album, Nabuma Rubberband.

February 04, 2014


This past fall, Little Dragon made us a mix of some music from South Africa that'd been inspiring them of late. It was a revealing dip into the melting pot of global, electronic sounds that make the Swedish collective tick, but Yours Truly just traveled all the way to their home base of Gothenberg to get an even closer look at their inner band dynamics, capturing them in the gold-painted home studio they've been living in since last year—the better to "make golden music in," explains drummer Erik Bodin. We also catch them playing the jazzy first section of a new song called "Klapp Klapp"; it's the as-yet unheard first single of their evocatively titled fourth record, Nabuma Rubberband, which is out sometime this spring. If you're in the New York area on February 13th, catch them performing a DJ set at Irving Plaza on night one of Matte Projects' Painted BLACK concert series.

Video: Little Dragon in the Studio