Stream: No-Face, “Luckily (Under the Tree)”

Anonymous producer No-Face, as much as I’d like to harsh on the gimmickiness, stays making good music.

February 06, 2014


No-Face pushes the anonymous artist thing just about to its breaking point, but with "Luckily (Under the Tree)," as with the producer's first track, "Monsoon," I'm willing to look past the borderline gimmickery and enjoy this weird, growling, unabashedly dubstep-evoking thing. Here's a quote from the artist his/herself: "The track is about a teenage memory of meeting my lover under a tree every afternoon in the forest near our school. We'd sneak there to break all sorts of rules, thinking we were wise beyond our years, and invincible beyond the penalties of our authorities. Returning to class with a missing a shirt button or a wrinkled skirt was the only evidence of our secret, one-hour vacations."

Stream: No-Face, "Luckily"

Stream: No-Face, "Monsoon"

Stream: No-Face, “Luckily (Under the Tree)”